GPS tracking devices are installed by our technicians everyday of the week. We are certified installers of all the leading brands.

Our installs range from basic 3 wire Tracking to adding full vehicle sensors ie. PTO, CAN BUS (FMS), Analogue sensors, Cameras, microphones, through roof antennas, screens, tablets, navigation, Concrete Mixer barrel sensors, concrete water add meters, concrete water solid state wash out sensors, vehicle PC's.

GPS tracking technology is now a standard business tool with an application for every business type. Dominos Pizza recently installed 6000 GPS trackers to their delivery vehicles which really shows the diversity in which the technology is aiding businesses across Australia.

We were among the first to work on CTrack GPS devices and Tracking through Phillips 2way Radios in the late 1990's. 15 years on and we see the change from quite large devices come down to the size of a match box with integrated antennas inside.

We are excited to be the Installers of technology that will run voice through the GPS tracking device, utilising the SIM card, Nation wide concrete companies are using tablets on the back of the GPS device for job tickets, navigation and voice communications, doing away with the need for 2way radios.

We have been involved with the installation of GPS tracking technology since the inception of its use in the Australian market and this gives us the edge over any other installation businesses. Experience and Quality is king in our niche industry and are traits that run through the core of our business.

This year we have installed 2500 plus units of GPS tracking devices of the full range of brands, ranging from basic tracking to full vehicle EMS, sensors, meters, PDA integration. Each day our experience grows, experience that will ensure your projects will run smoothly.

With our expansion in to a National Installations Company, our National footprint of Installation locations is continuously growing. We cover all of Australia's capital cities and are ever growing our network of regional installers through direct employment, our contractor network and 'train the trainer' programs

Our Quality installations will ensure your product will deliver upon promises you make to your customers. Be the best by using the best, We look forward to partnering your Company on future installations contracts.